Pieces of Pie, by Mary Jo Anhalt
Pieces of Pi(e)

This quilted wall hanging was made in 2004 by our mom, Mary Jo, and it represents the first 102 digits of π: each different digit is represented by a favorite flavor of pi(e)…

π = 3.14159265358…

1 » Pumpkin

2 » Apple

3 » Strawberry

4 » Tangerine

5 » Peach

6 » Cherry

7 » Pecan

8 » Berry

9 » Lemon

0 » Chocolate

The triangles in “Pieces of Pi” are Golden Triangles, an isosceles triangle with the ratio of side to base of φ, another remarkable irrational number known as the golden ratio

approximately 1.618033989….

The vertex angle of the golden triangle is exactly 36o, or π/5.

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